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      Physician, watch thyself!

Witty lessons on shitty ailments 

of a Dutch GP

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Why would you like to read this book?

- This disease autobiography is hilarious, easy and fun reading

- Insight in one's own diseases brought knowledge I lacked as a GP making the book interesting for medical professionals, GPs, students and for all with affinity with Global Health.

- My tropical ailments were common but not their context. That ensures juicy  reading. 

- The book breathes love for Family Medicine and Global Health.

- If you travel to the tropics, insight in many common afflictions are in this book.

Surprise a colleague or friend with this book

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Read about the Peter Manschot fund!!

The book was based on the Dutch book:
Van eigen kwalen wordt je wijzer!.

Bestel direct online bij de uitgever Belvedere.

Once upon a time in my consultation room!

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