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The Backcover of the book

“Inspiring, funny and serious. It takes more than medical education in a narrow sense

to become a real clinician. It takes life itself! “
Anna Stavdal. President of the World Organization of Family Doctors. Oslo; Norway.

“In an era when expert knowledge is so in jeopardy Pieter’s integration of science and personal experience, with all its humour and self-depreciation, is a huge contribution (and such fun to read).”
Monique Borgerhoff Mulder, Prof. em. UCLA at Davis, Member Nat. Ac. of Sciences, USA

 “A masterpiece! A clever invitation for self-reflection and mindful presence into your own personal and professional life. A courageous, ingenious, engaging and captivating modality to bring valuable educational messages. A hilarious book - in such a gloomy context we are living, fragments keep popping out in my mind, to cheer me out …."

Cristina Isar, Trainer in Family Medicine, CNSMF,  Bucharest, Romania

"Greatly entertaining, sometimes funny, but always pleasing and heart-warming.
From every one of these captivating pages, Pieter seizes the readers and invites them
to a most enjoyable journey. A real family physician with a touch of an explorer."

Jaime Correia de Sousa, FP, Prof. School of Med., Minho University, Braga,  Portugal

"It’s really ambitious to make a book funny, instructive and scientifically sound at the same time. I think the author manages this very well. He deals very honestly and unsparingly with his own illnesses, aches and pains. Reflecting them with his experiences as tropical as well as family doctor makes the book exceptional. Great fun to read it!"
Michael Marx, MD, Professor for global health, University of Heidelberg

"Pieter was an inspiring supervisor during my GP-training in the Netherlands many years ago. He is still a great teacher and gifted storyteller. Pieter is brutally honest about his own medical history and his passion for pathophysiology is contagious. This is a rare combination in medical literature and makes this book an absolute joy to read for clinicians and non-clinicians - highly recommended!”
Edwin Kruys, GP in Queensland, Australia and past Vice-president of the RACGP

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